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Firm Events

May 2015– Marbury Law's Robert Hansen presented on the topics of patent issuance, term, certification of correction, disclaimers & maintenance fee payments at this year's American Intellectual Property Law Association "Patent Prosecution Bootcamp"

April 2015 – We are proud to announce that Yvette Hansen has joined The Marbury Law Group in our recently created Staff Accountant role.  Yvette is a recent graduate of George Mason University with a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Accounting.  She has extensive career experience in the fields of accounting, billing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and payroll functions within the medical and electric utility industries.  Yvette will play a pivotal role to enhance and streamline our client accounting processes and join our Finance team of professionals.

March 2015 –  The Marbury Law Group is ranked among the "Top Patent Law Firms of 2014" for issued patents by IP Today, rising 37 spots in the annual survey! The firm experienced a 58% increase in issued utility patents in 2014, with continued growth in early 2015. 


February 2015 – Jim Areklett joined The Marbury Law Group as our new Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer.  He has 20+ years of result driven financial, operational and managerial expertise in the legal services industry.  He has successfully contributed to and served at prominent local, national and international law firms.  Jim is committed to ensuring top notch professional service and desired client results in a prudent and cost effective manner.  He is proud to join The Marbury Law Group and contribute to our mission to maximize our clientele’s objectives and results.

IP News

July 30, 2015 - U.S. Patent & Trademark Office publishes updated guidance on patent eligible subject matter. This guidance provides attorneys with additional information on how patent examiners will address applications related to computer software, biotechnology, and business methods. Updated Guidance

July 21 , 2015 - The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit addresses buisimilar products applications' mandatory and optional disclosures under 42 U.S.C. § 262(l). Even optional disclosures may carry penalties if applicant choses non-disclosures, making the guidance of knowledgable patent counsel essential for biosimilar products applicants. Amgen, Inc. v. Sandoz

 July 20, 2015 - The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit discusses the spectrum of trademark protection strength in the CAFC's Juice Generation v. GS Enterprises opinion. The strength of a mark is not a binary decision but falls somewhere along the spectrum of trademark strength. The strength of your marks should be discussed with your trademark counsel.

July 20, 2015 - The Partnership for American Innovation releases a video on how patents fuel the American economy and drive innovation. See the video at YouTube

 July 15, 2015 - The  Innovation Act, H.R. 9 is removed from the U.S. House floor providing further evidence of the slowdown in Congressional efforts to push patent reform during the 2015 legislative term. Article at Patently-O