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March 2014 – The Marbury Law Group, PLLC has once again been recognized among the "Top Patent Firms" in the U.S. by Intellectual Property Today.  In 2013, we obtained 150 patents on behalf of our clients, including 6 design patents and 141 utility patents.


March 2014 – After Michelle O'Brien and Louis Troilo joined Marbury last month, we now welcome three new associate attorneys and two paralegals!  David Hyams will be working in the computer software, electronic devices, and telecommunications network areas.  Erica Livingstone will be working in the pharmaceutical and chemical areas.  Phyllis Simon will work in the chemical, mechanical, and material science areas.  All three come to us from O'Brien Jones PLLC.  [ Read the Press Release ]


March 2014The Marbury Law Group, PLLC is excited to announce the opening of a satellite office in the Boston metropolitan area, in Burlington, Massachusetts!  This new office will enhance the firm's ability to serve the legal needs of our clients in the Boston area and will be home to two of our associates: Kevin T. Shaughnessy and Matthew L. Fenselau. [ Read the Press Release ]

Dr. Jon L. Roberts, founding partner, continues to receive extremely favorable reviews for his presentation entitled "Security Clearances in a Post-Snowden Era."  This web broadcast has repetitively been run by LawLine to those interested in the national security arena of law. Comments such as "This program adds valuable context to current discussions and issues relating to the Snowden controversy which, although not directly pertinent to my current practice, certainly has added to my general knowledge base. A very interesting and well-presented program," "Really excellent course," and "Excellent presentation that helps to fill a large gap in my legal knowledge," are but some examples. If you have an interest in this area, please contact us for further information.

February 2014
Marbury marks its 20th anniversary on February 1, 2014.  We extend our appreciation to our founder Jon L. Roberts, Ph.D., J.D., and our gratitude to our clients whose loyalty and commitment contribute to our success.


February 2014 – We are pleased to announce Michelle E. O'Brien has joined Marbury as a new partner.  Ms. O'Brien's patent prosecution practice focuses on chemical and pharmaceutical technologies.  Her clients include L’Oreal, Corning, and Cargill.  She previously worked at Finnegan, and most recently headed her own firm – O’Brien Jones – in Tyson’s Corner.

In addition, Louis M. Troilo has joined Marbury as Senior Counsel.  Mr. Troilo’s patent prosecution practice is in the area of material science-based technologies.  He is a former Patent Examiner.  Lou also worked for 14 years at Finnegan as a member of its Chemical/Metallurgical Practice Group, as well as several years at O’Brien Jones.


January 2014Marbury recently achieved a notable success for an emerging technology client when we received a request from the client to take over a difficult but important prosecution of a Japanese filing which was not being allowed despite repeated attempts. The prior law firm had been unable to get key claims allowed (covering the commercial embodiment) after multiple attempts in two Japanese patent filings. The application was transferred to Marbury attorneys, who suggested several new approaches, including filing technical literature to support the arguments and providing more detailed explanations. They also suggested use of a new Japanese law firm who had more particular expertise related to the technology. The Japan application was then allowed after the one response with no need for multiple filings or appeals.

Recent Patents

March 2014U.S. Patent 8,672,880 entitled, "Remotely controlled catheter insertion system" is comprised of a robotic device which can receive the control handle or proximal end of a medical device, and a remote control mechanism to facilitate its placement in a patient.  This invention operates without the need for expensive, specialized catheters as it can be used with commercially available, "off the shelf" catheters.  Additionally, it offers a control input that is more intuitive to use than other known insertion systems.


October 2013U.S. Patent No. 8,567,757 entitled, “Wireless Fluid Shutoff Valve” for client Vectare is a low-cost safety valve for gas lines and similar supply lines that can be remotely activated via a secure wireless link.  A miniaturized controller and wireless electronics assembly provides the control mechanism for actuating the valve, as well as reporting data regarding valve status.  This gas line shut off valve can provide important safety benefits at an affordable price.

October 2013 – U.S. Patent No. 8,552,044 for client Flowtronix is entitled, "Multiple reservoir implantable drug infusion device and method," and relates to implantable infusion pumps for the dispensing of infusates (e.g. intravenous medication).  In particular, it relates to a pump operating at positive pressure to dispense medication from multiple reservoirs in accordance with different specified flow rates.  The device is capable of delivering easily and precisely dosed medication from any one or any combination of two or more reservoirs without complex pumping and flow control mechanisms and has the capability of mixing and/or diluting medications.

May 2013 – Congratulations to inventor Arne Ballantine on the issue of his one-hundredth U.S. patent!  U.S. Patent No. 8,445,150 entitled “Grid Frequency-Responsive Solid Oxide Fuel Cell System” for client Bloom Energy Corporation claims a method of adjusting the operation of a fuel cell system based on determining an instantaneous frequency of the power grid.